Friday, 10 April 2009

Vandal Clothing update: we are a trails company since 1995

this week some new fresh T-shirt blank colours turned up that we ordered and the new art work i did with stan was also sorted, we have now sorted one of the limited edition colourway combinations and that should be out in about a week, the other we are doing some test colourway combos and i hope we have that out the week after! So look for 2! new vandal designs out this month ready for summer 09, Now vandal has always been a trails based brand, Seeing this vid i had to post it,

dave king makes some of the best trail vids right now and with some spring weather this will get you out wanting to ride be it 20", 24" or 26" you roll on.
Know your purpose,vision,mission and the message you want to send!
represent Vandal, show you ride trails and support a company that gives back.

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Ewart Aylward said...

Those trails are sick, where are they?

As soon as the new tees are out give me a shout.