Saturday, 18 April 2009

New ride and South West Extreme

quick look at my new ride! complete bike check coming soon, but we got this for riding trails this summer and since my 4x bikes still a few weeks away we took it to SWE this weekend, South West Extremes looking real good, its 4x tracks just about done and we put in some real hot laps, Right now the tracks a little one lined for racing and i hope we see some small changes to make it a multi hit track, We cut up some inside lines and had a blast even if it was blowing a gale, Tom from SWE was on hand and showed me the shore what was fun but not that tech as i hit it all up first go with out looking at it and on the second go tabled the lot, table drop, table step down to table off the bank. All good fun, next time i hope the winds not blowing so hard and i can go ride the trails that the bmx guys have built, because they look so good!

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