Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The year so far!

"unique style and attitude "...

its been a great year so far:i have been riding at such great spots as : Haldon, cove, Oke shore, barnstaple trails, EX track, Dartmoor, stoke trails, mafia freeride spot etc.. In the next few weeks we have a KBC helmet shoot to get done, This will be used in a MOTO mag advert later in the year, we are also doing a shoot in the next few weeks for another of my sponsors (Fro systems) for its 09 brochure. right now im riding my much loved MDE pusher and Samoon 24 flower.. Next month i will build up my all new big mtn rig and also a all mtn hardtail (more details on them in the next blog) if you dont know yet.. will soon be no more! The forum site has been copied by so many now that we have a large splinter group of NSF style sites in the uk and we are moving on to new projects, big thanks to the people that helped and loved that site.

Bit of history here on one of my old sites and about myself from bikebiz:

check it out! bsxworld had 3,000 real users a day!over the last 10+years i have had the luck to ride for such brands as:dmr,24-7,finnpeak,remec,balfa,transition,.243 etc..THANKS GUYS!

"Elbry Sandland, our new UK Factory Team Captain will be on a raw finished DirtBag and representing the cause with his unique style and attitude " TRANSITION BIKES 2006

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