Friday, 29 August 2008

fraser parts with 24seven

MBUK shoot on dartmoor
Me back when i was on the 24seven team.

For nine years 24seven has been one of the leading dirt jump brands in the UK and I’m extremely proud of the way the brand has grown from strength to strength to the position it commands in the industry today. Although I’ve been the ‘face’ of 24seven for all those years, many other faces have been integral to the development of the products and our presence within the biking community.
Development of our bikes has always been strongly shaped by our riders and is only possible through strong communication between designers and riders. We have a very strong and dedicated team now working for 24seven, a result that I’ve always hoped for having started a bike company by myself, struggling to fulfil every job.
Its for this reason that I’m now happy to allow 24seevn to continue without me, with the financial strength the company now has as well as the superb team behind the brand.
I will greatly miss the biking community, which has welcomed and supported me for so many years. During this time I’ve discovered new passions, similar to those that made me start 24seven all those years ago. I’ll be moving into a new market , still of the two wheeled variety, only this time with engines as I tour the globe filming motorbike expeditions. I can only hope to have as much fun as I’ve had with 24seven.

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