Friday, 27 February 2015

xc series finished

 Only one rider mans up and goes short sleeve jersey..
 The heat is on! after a let down 13th last time out it was a battle with the head and the track to do better.
 A new dh section of trail was super good fun even if it did feel like a fully would save you time and energy, After a real strong start we put in a bunch of PB times around the track
 Catching and passing a off camber team rider early on lap 1.
So last time i was pissed to finish 13th, this time i was real happy to end 15th? Just a strong line of riders this time, my times show i was as fast as when i got a 5th a few months ago so we feel were back on track and my 5 rounds to get points are done, Happy with 7th in the series.

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