Sunday, 11 May 2014

The long road.. update

(Grand Fondo)

(west point)

Over the last few weeks we raced at West point, this was a mid week race and we ended up holding my line and another rider hit me, he went down and i was lucky to stay up, we would end up in the second small group but still lapped a few riders in the short 40min race, On to the Somerset Grand Fondo and a 123 miles of hilly riding with buddy Dan, Have to say i loved it, bloody hard work and came in 20th, Will be back next year for sure, then it was the Avon road race, off with the lead group and feeling good, dropped my chain but pushed on rather than wait for the second group to catch, Sadly i followed the arrows and like a few others ended at a mx race! lol, i went and did another lap before calling it a day before the rain came in, Less than a month now till BikeFest and so we have been on the Rocky Mountain XC bike a few times and loving it, Should be a good event if i can train well in the coming weeks.

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