Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Spring race 3

The last round and again in group2 of 3 and we make a pack to work with each other and with a good group of lads we put down the watts and show how lucky some people were to get away with results in the other two rounds. Not only do  we catch group one in under 10 miles we drop group 3, Our first lap was faster than any lap a Cat4 did in the complete series and faster than most of the Cat123 riders. Out of my Strava followers my lap was quicker than any lap done by Myles Gerrard, Peter Housley, James Davey, Liam Bard, Martyn Leach, Julian Moger, Nick Weddall and my training buddy Stu Ross. Lap 2 was also a fast lap, my second fastest ever, Sadly i picked up a slow flat on the final lap and paced in to the finish. Great three weeks of racing and just goes to show what you can do with just 4 hours a week of riding if you have some talent, Time to get the hard work done now ready for the summer.

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