Sunday, 25 November 2012

Soggy bottom round 1 race update

So the first rounds always the round to hit and the last big race of the year, the Masters class was stacked with top riders and i was happy to get off the line first and come out turn one in second spot, First main climb would see me slip down and out the top ten before the singletrack  dh section kicked in and we moved up to 10th, I would hold down 10th for the rest of the race, The track it self had one grass climb, a long flat grass section, a steep climb and just one long mellow dh. most top riders run a garmin/strava and i was happy to get the top speed out of anyone on the day. Roll on 2013 with a focus on adventures rather than racing. so 3 trail spots in a day will be back again! We have a few more cool trips and ideas we are doing both on and off road. Other news.. I think its time to get a fresh road bike! more on that in the next blog.

till next time peace.

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