Saturday, 27 October 2012

fresh goods

 KCNC Scandium tubes and Ti bolts cut over 200grams over the nuke proof post of old.
Bontrager xr4 tyres have been my tyre of choice for enduro this year, so for the winter we have gone for 1.8 jones mud x tyres front and rear.

 Kore test sample saddle.
KBC my freeride helmet sponsor dont make a road/xc lid, so im free to pick what ever i like. for me i like the fit and finish that the moto based helmet brands bring to the market and so it was a no brainer to pick the new top of the range road lid from Bell, The Gage being the lid of the pro Bell team riders and this being the BMC edition looks amazing and almost fails to get a reading on the scales.. such a well made and designed bit of kit.

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