Sunday, 25 September 2011

Mucky Nutz Bender Fender 2.0

Weathers about to turn nasty as we head for the winter, Having run crud catchers, THE shrouds etc over the years i was keen to try the Bender Fender 2.0. NeoGuard was not an option, the flap that goes from crown to fork brace, not only do they look shit, are about as aerodynamic as a Nissan cube and just as ugly. The Bender Fender comes flat packed, its about as thin as a birthday card and you simply velcro it to you forks with the velco provided, It takes seconds to fit and even looks cool, Yes it comes in a range of colours to match your ride, its not designed to keep you and your bike clean, Its designed to keep mud,water,dog poo and what ever else gets flicked up in your face while your out for a shred. It's the lightest mudguard available (sub 20grams) and now a 2.1 out thats slightly thicker (0.3mm to be precise), But this 2.0 has held up fine, showed no signs of damage after some hard riding and getting throw around a little in the back of my van. With trail centre dust and small stones i think im going to run it all year from now on and also get some for my freeride and all-mtn rigs as well. to get yours see

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