Tuesday, 5 July 2011


on the gas on one of the hottest days of the year.. welcome back to XC racing!

making up time deep in the woods..

cutting through the sports class mid race..

expert/elite/masters and vets all start in one group, i started last and hit the first lap traffic..

This was my first time joining the Circus tour at stop three @ Abbeyford woods, A much loved tech xc track just outside of Okehampton run by the Oke freeriders. A few Masters dropped in to the 19+ sport class, fewer riders means less traffic and faster lap times, it also means a top 15 in masters can get you on the box in sport as the Master class is stacked with all the fast riders from the 90's. I entered the Masters class and would start at the very back, as im no longer a pure xc racer, Lap one was traffic all the way, by lap two we started to cut through the sports class and by lap three we had a few masters behind us, sadly on the last lap i blew in a epic way with a couple miles to go.. 20th spot for me, not happy with the resuAdd Imagelt, but i was happy with how i was riding and it was the longest xc race i have done in some time (almost 2 hours in the saddle), again all my time was made up on the dh and tight singletrack, all time lost was on the the flat fire roads..

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