Saturday, 12 September 2009

Best solo session in years

Hi all, well after some play riding /freeride two weeks ago, some marathon riding last weekend this weekend we headed up to combe syd and its national dh track, we took both the MDE pusher and the MDE 69, Turned out i got the 69 out the van first and never put it back all day and just sessioned the big track on the big bike, It was so cool, not been to CS in about 11 years, tracks not changed that much but its only like an hour away from where i now live so its going to see me a lot more over the winter, this weekend it was bone dry and rolling so fast, the top bus stop sections are just so fun, loved it so much, Ewart! lets get some head cam of me and you on it!!, got back and headed to the beach with the wife and 4 of our dogs.. A good sat.. happy vibes
P.S top section of Cove has a tree down, rest of the tracks fine, rather than remove the tree, we are thinking of turning it in to a jump, so look for that over the winter.

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shimmerman said...

Do you not ride the best shore in the world anymore?