Wednesday, 26 August 2009

2010 identiti's new 4x bike!

“We will be showing this new frame for the first time at Eurobike but here is a quick look.
Our long standing Krisis 4x frame has seen four very good seasons propelling our riders to National Championships and top 10 finishes at UCI World Cups.
But now we have taken our multi-championship winning frame one step further and produced the Krisis SL.
This brand new frame has been designed to be light, stiff and responsive as well as looking good.
The geometry has been refined and tweaked in mind of the courses that are being ridden today to make it more stable and faster.
We have also shaved a massive one lb off the frame weight. To remove this weight we have stripped it down to basics to create a pure race bred machine.
Weighing in at only 3.89lb’s its one of the lightest 4x race frames on the market today.
pictured is Team Identiti rider Pat Campbell-Jenner’s Krisis SL prototype race bike

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