Tuesday, 5 May 2009

SWE opener

so south west extreme had its grand opening and a 4x race, some changes will be made to the track before the NPS round, but so far so good and with some changes it should be cool, as for me, turned up, did a few runs, felt ok, got a flat, fixed it and then the wind came in, got blown around a bit and was going to call it a day but raced for fun, got the most shit gates ever in all the motos but lucked out with a strong first straight to win all my motos, Got in the final and got my gate a little better and got the snap. only some bmxer turned 4x racer in clips got past me and i was holding second till the only fully carved an inside line us hardtails could not do (see head cam, this tracks bumpy), but on the way out of the turn he cut my line and slowed me down, now i was third and getting passed to drop to 4th!, got my pump on through the whoops and entered the last section side by side , out gunned him to the line for third, GOPRO head cam of the track in practice.

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